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the return...

Jan. 29th, 2012 | 10:43 pm
location: couch
Attitude: accomplished accomplished

Okay, it's been quite some time I know... I got so frustrated with the whole work/lj thing that I just took a bit of a hiatus and then life got in the way and then the more time that passed the more I was just like 'ah, there's too much to write and update about! I have no time!' and then I would procrastinate more and more until it was just years passing and I'm finally now updating.

So lets see where life has brought me since last I posted:
Work: I'm still working at my job as a buyer as I had the last time I had writen. It's been fun and somewhat interesting and I've learned quite a bit. Since the last post they moved me to the HQ building where I've thrived. However, the last few months have just been horrendous. Lots of stress, too much work, depression setting in, fights with bosses and I now hate my job completely so I've got that going for me now. Wish I could say something nice about it and if this had been writen 5 months ago I would have but I just really hate my job right now.

In the love life department: In the early 2009 I met a cute but bald man named N who I dated for about two or three months and he was nice but sweaty and I broke up with him (not just because he was sweaty, I'm not that shallow). Then in August I started dating a new guy named K. He was nice and much like me and we saw each other for over 7 months. He was fun. Lots of comics and movies and doing random things. I then was single for a little bit longer then had a few dates but nothing serious. In Novemberish I started dating a hipster we'll call A. He was nice but too hipster for me. (seriously, I missed the opening night of Harry Potter to go see a French film from the 50s with him instead! So hipster.) Since then it's been pretty much quiet. A date here or there but nothing much. *sigh*

Family: mum is still annoying as ever. Magnus is still annoying and fluffy and sometimes mean. I don't really see much or talk with dad. Grandparents are still good and awesome as usual. Kousin Dawid came to visit Chi-town for one summer so that was fun.

Friends: Werewolveriniki is getting married. Annette is awesome (we went to New Orleans together which was very cool and fun). Went to visit Ewa in San Fran for a week which was awesomely fun. Saw Callie for a while when she came to visit. And then there's Amy... Amy refuses to talk with me anymore despite having tried multiple times to talk with her and god knows why she's been ignoring me. Started talking more with some older friends for a bit because of Facebook. Hanging out more lately with friends more my mums age though.

Personal life: misplaced (read: lost) my passport so for the last two or three years mum and I have travelled with Warren in the states. East coast mostly. Boston, RI, Baltimore and DC one year. Mass and Cape Cod and Maine and NH the other year. New Orleans with Annette. A number of smaller road trips around the area including a ski weekend, Springfield, Michigan and such. I also went to a number of concerts over the years: Lollapallosa (multiple years and it's now become a tradition in the Jaci household); went to Indianapolis to see 30 Seconds to Mars. A Blues concert with mum. Elvis impersonators. I got a new tattoo (well, not a new tattoo anymore, but new for this lj at least) a bekoning kitty on my shoulder done during a tattoo convention downtown. Want another tat on the other shoulder but will have to wait. I ignored my 10th High school reunion but went to my CJS grade/grammar school reunion where I ran into lots of old faces then they shut down the school completely which sucked.

Miscellaneous: I've writen three more novels: a story about Magnus; a hodge-podge story of two british boys; and a romance story involving Fairies. I got a banjo for one of my birthday and learned how to play the banjo. I took lessons for over a year but never practiced and then stopped completely so I still know how to play but I don't. I went on a kick of trying to be domesticated so took a few cooking classes and learned how to sew (I've made three pj pants) and then recently learned how to knit. I also found out why I was feeling so oogie all the time... I had serious gallstones and after one horrid night I called mum at 3am and asked advice if I should call 911 or try to drive myself to the hospital... she was willing to make me wait until about 9 am but came over anyway (cuz that's what awesome mums do) and I checked in to the ER at 4am, by 6 I was finished with all the tests and by 8 I was being wheeled in to surgery. I now don't have a gallbladder... since then I've not had problems. Lost about 25 lbs but then slowly gained it all back :(.

So now that's a good summary about my life for the last three years or so. Now that everything has been caught up hopefully I'll start updating this thing a good deal more. :)

...a well needed rant...

May. 4th, 2009 | 07:42 pm
location: home
Attitude: aggravated aggravated
Ear Candy: roy obison

I'm being forced to move all my lj posts into 'friends only' mode and I'll probably have to go and put most of my older posts into 'friends only' mode as well... why you may ask? because work sucks. See, here it is kitties, two weeks ago my boss comes in to me office, sits down and asks 'have you been 'blogging' lately while at work?' I was like, 'uh no. why?' apparently some ass-monkey at headquarters who has way too much time on their hands decided for who knows what reason that they were going to look at what I was doing on line, saw I had a journal and decided that - although I've not posted since end of Feb- they were going to take offence at my 'blogging a lot during work' so they decided to take matters into their own hands and looked through my journal, printed off all my journal entries since 2006 and instead of going to my supervisor/boss or my big boss they brought everything to HR and tried to get me fired... that's right, let me repeat that for you all- THEY TRIED TO GET ME FIRED for blogging occasionally during work usually during lunch times or down times. And my boss and big boss- to their credit- are awesome. They're sticking up for me, they're being really nice about it. Actually they're kinda miffed because it's not like they requested a look into what I was doing or if someone came up and brought the issue to them- instead it goes over their heads and makes them look bad too.
And what I don't get is why me? I mean seriously. There are people there that spend hours on facebook. There are people that check dating sites and play games and everything else. And yet why pick on someone like me who occasionally would go in and update? It's not like I say anything bad about my company or co-workers. It's not like I'm devulging some mysterious quasi-governmental transportation secrets or whatnot. Let's be serious about this, it's not even like I'm saying anything all that important or interesting in the first place! And since 2006?? I didn't even start working here until 2007! and for that year I was a friggen part time minion with no internet access!!! And I find out today that this is going all the way up to like the big big big bosses right now and for friggen what? Because some jack-off with no life decides they want to make some sort of point and picks me out? And for a friggen live journal?? Seriously?

You know, my boss keeps urging me to either cancel the lj completely -hells no- or else make everything private. And I know he has a point and I'm going to listen to him and privatise things because I respect him and because he's a good boss, but I think what he doesn't understand (besides the whole blogging concept in the first place) is that if I were ashamed or worried about anyone and everyone being able to read this journal I wouldn't have had it in the first place. I personally don't care what people think who read this nor do I care who reads it... but when there are cowardly slimy people who are choosing to come in here, read these and then make it out like these journals are some sort of high criminal cases and bring it up to bosses and higher-ups at work for no real reason and just to make trouble and to make me feel guilty about having a blog then it becomes a problem...

for my lj kittens- stay tuned for friends only posts that are actual updates not annoyed rants about a few rotten apples amongst a very good transportation tree...

sad night...

Jan. 5th, 2009 | 09:52 pm
location: dinning room
Attitude: depressed depressed

as I was getting out of the shower I heard my cell phone ringing. Then less than a minute later my home phone rings and it's mum. My first thought is 'now what?' in an exasperated tone because she's always calling to nag me. I don't get to the phone in time but I call her back. i'm thinking it's going to be another one of those calls- something on tv to watch or what we're doing tomorrow or whatever banal nonsense it usually is. Instead she picks up and she's crying. Tells me that she just got bad news that our friend Chris was found dead. We don't know how yet but she was only 58 and basically a 2nd mum to me. We talked a bit and then hung up and I started crying and Magnus comforted me and now I can't stop thinking of her. The phone call on my cell was from her son but there was no message. God, right now I just need some comforting words and some sleep. I really don't want to think about the fact that I'm never gonna see her again or get to do burnings or get her many forwarded emails that used to fill my email box.

anyway, I'm going to bed now... and I need another kleenex. I don't know when I'm going to write in here again but it'll be a while.

new years- new feelings

Jan. 5th, 2009 | 04:42 pm
location: work
Attitude: hopeful hopeful
Ear Candy: '20 yrs of snow' regina spektor

Welp, it's another new year. You know, thinking back on it- I've had some pretty good years lately. Before when I spent the new years at my fathers watching cartoons and adult swim my years generally sucked. But the celebration for 2006 when I was in Krakow and drinking cheap russian champaign directly from the bottle while dancing to 'I don't wanna grow old' from the ramones in Ewa's bedroom before heading to the rynek square with 10,000 other drunken bodies and listening to live music and drinking until I couldn't stay straight... that year ended up being fantastic for me. I rang in 2007 with Monique and her family and friends in texas and it was low key but wonderful and 2007 was a good year for me as well. 2008 saw me reunited with Mandi T and at a restuarant which was kinda dull but not too shabby and in that year alone I bought a house, got a full time job, got a cat (the love of my life) (oh god, not another one!) (I've only got room for 3 love's of my life... but oh wait, that's reserved for only inanimate objects so Mag doesn't count so good my list is still in tact. yay.) [for those of you who are wondering I have 3 absolute loves of my life. they are as follows: the Zuraw, hot water makers, and wikipedia.] anyway, the point is with all of this that every time I have a great or even pleasant New Years celebration I generally have a good or great year but when I ring in the new year in a dull or horrible way I generally have a crap-tastic year. Keeping this in mind I think I'm pretty confident about this year being pretty good. My celebration for New Years was good and surprisingly enjoyable... which I think is how this year is going to turn out for me- good and surprisingly enjoyable. and so far, 5 days into it, I think I'm right.

For New Years mum and I went to Bobs and Elyse and Jeff came over and we watched some music singing thing, I read a bit, we had a lovely homemade meal, I made martini's and got buzzed, we watched little britain, we played pool and darts, we celebrated the new years with lots more alcohol and then watched half of some marilyn monroe movie before going to bed. I expected a lot worse so I was surprised that I actually enjoyed myself. And in the 5 days following work's been alright, Amy's started talking with me again, I've started talking with Annette and Callie again and I've made plans to visit them both sometime before summer and mum's not been too terribly annoying, I'm chatting with boys on match again, and mag's been cute and too playful so things are great so far.

I've got a good feeling about this year.

the weekend and Magnus quirks...

Oct. 21st, 2008 | 09:02 am
location: work :(
Attitude: annoyed annoyed
Ear Candy: Nightmare Revisited- Flyleaf 'What's this?'

It's been a few days. Friday when I was having such a craptactular day I got home to find my online order had arrived. It made me happy. Then I went outside with Mag for a while. He likes to eat dead leaves, is that normal? I was supposed to go by mums but instead I canceled then proceeded to curl up on the couch, get drunk, and made a hat. Saturday I went scrappbooking and it was nice. Productive. Made Halloween cards. Sunday I was the pinnicle of sofistication and refinement... I woke up, dressed in a large fuzzy purple robe and then proceeded to make Hello Kitty shaped waffles with my Hello Kitty waffle maker. Ate them off of a Hello Kitty plate with pink strawberry syrup. 26 years old and I'm surrounded by Hello Kitty stuff. Then later went to the grandparents for dinner and my grandmother threatened to stab my grandfather for 'being annoying' and I got free Polish stuff from their basement they're trying to clean out.

Yesterday was just work. But got home and Mag was on the floor by my foot, then- without me moving or provoking- he wrapped himself around my ankle and attacked. He ripped my sock and I now have kitty teeth marks all around my ankle. He went into time out for a very long time after that. Then he came out only to try to be surly and angry with me again so back into time out for him. Eventually he came out and was nice and appologetic and cuddled with me on the couch a bit. But since he wasn't purring and being uber affectionate I was then convinced he hates me, hates living with me, and was severely unhappy. Then I got sad thinking Mag didn't love me... but eventually he came upstairs at bedtime and purred and cuddled so I think he is just trying to appease me.

He's starting to get into the habbit of going into my shower. He waits at the door until I'm done then goes in and licks up all the water on the tub. If he can't get in he'll meow at the shower door and look at me begging. You'd think I don't give him water from the way he acts. He also acts like I don't feed him. Yesterday he jumped up on the table and snuck his snoot into my food and started chomping away as though he'd not had a meal in weeks. What the hell do cats want with corn anyway? And he'll eat my cheerios too. And leaves (but only dead ones), and lick my shower floor too. He's a very weird cat. I'm still convinced he doesn't like me but whatever, he's stuck with me.

Today, I'm at work. I got in and the fax machine was blinking red. Outta paper. I barely put my coffee down and loaded it up with paper and then every 3 seconds it would beep telling me about a paper jam. 10 paper jams later, my computer decided to get in on the action. It decided not to turn on and took 2 minutes and many multiple times to turn it on. I've been here not even an hour and so far two machines have malfunctioned on me. It's not shaping up to be a good day...

new york state of mind...

Oct. 17th, 2008 | 02:13 pm
location: work
Attitude: lost lost
Ear Candy: 'trouble breathing' - alkaline trio

I'm back. New York was fun. New York Birthday AdventureCollapse )

Monday we took the day off. I slept late. Had an extra long shower, waited for mum and then we were going to go downtown to the muesuems but laziness won and we went shopping at target instead for a bit before heading down on the train to downtown. Had dinner and relaxed a bit before going to the Auditorium. Went to see David Sedaris. A writer who is awesome. I got into his books and then forced him upon mum who has now succumbed to his talent as well. He read a few passages and stories, including some new things, talked, answered questions. It was fun. Then we waited in line and got stuff signed by him. He tried to guess our star signs. Apparently I look like a piecies. then he offered us candy and finally we left with signed books in hand. Yay. Got a cab and made the train just in time.

Tuesday was hard to get back to work. Wednesday even harder. Thursday was busy but not as bad. Today they're having these health screenings and it's right behind my cubical and so all day every 30 seconds I'm treated to a loud 'whoosh whoosh whoosh' sound of the ekgs and heart monitors and everything else. It's annoying and the caffine and chocolate I've had is not helping any. I dunno. I'm in a bit of a funk today. Maybe it's the weather. Maybe it's the fact that I've started listening to every sad song in my ipod on repeat. Maybe it's my fear that I'm a year closer to 30 and I'm probably going to be stuck at this job for the rest of my life alone, bitter, constantly going nowhere and doing nothing, stuck in a repetitive loop, mindlessly lost and static with no friends, no family, and only a cat for company. Is it Pace that's sucking my soul out from me shard by shard until I'm nothing but an empty hollow husk? Or is it something more? Chicago? My family? My life? I just don't know anymore. How do I stop it from draining me completely until I give up all will to change anything and resign myself to fate? All I know is the only thing I've been wanting to do all day is just go home, curl up on the couch, rent a few movies and drink until I can't feel a basted thing...

the entry in which I babble of the ballet and my weekend...

Oct. 6th, 2008 | 02:31 pm
location: work
Attitude: good good
Ear Candy: the end of Eragon audiobook

The ballet was awesome! It was indeed Giselle. And it was awesome.

The day went by slow and I got to leave work an hour early, went home, dressed, got to wear my very cute black sweater dress and my very high new black heels (FYI: ow. High heels that high are not meant to be worn for over an hour and never were meant to walk more than a few feet in. My feet were in protest all night) Mum drove us downtown where we got struck in traffic. (whoever designed the Illinois Tollroads should be slapped senselessly and all their decendants should be slapped as well) We parked and thought the auditorium was right around the corner... turns out we miscalculated. 4.5 inch heels were not made to walk 7 blocks. By the time we got there it was nearing the time to start. we were starved so mum went off in search of food and I waited. She returned with a hotdog and we scarffed it down before heading inside. Great seats awaited.

I'd never seen or heard much about the ballet before. And I did not know what it was about. It's two acts. The first act the peasant girl Giselle falls in love with a count who is staying in her peasant town. The groundskeeper of the village is also in love with Giselle and discovers the counts deception and reveals his identity to her only to have her loose her mind and then drop dead. The second act takes place in a graveyard. The groundskeeper comes to pay his respects at Giselles grave, only to be frightened off by the spirits of dead women bent on destroying any male that comes into their woods at night. They force him to dance himself to death. Then they raise Giselle from the grave. The count then comes and sees zombie Giselle. She then realises that his grief is sincere and he did not mean to deceive her so she forgives him. The ghost women come back and force the count to dance to death but he is sustained by Giselles love and does not succumb. Finally dawn approaches, the ghosts fade and the count says his last goodbye to zombie giselle before she returns to the grave.

In all, it is 3 hours of deaths, lies, madness, zombies, ghosts, murder and deception all set to dance.

The russians were amazing dancers. The lead was a very tiny woman who is apparently very famous. The only thing we found strange about it was that it was two parts but only the people who were in the second part got to bow at the end of the performance. It's as if the people of the first half did not exist. Which was a shame because the male dancer who was in the peasant village feastival was breathtaking. In all, mum and I both agreed that the ghost queen was probably the best dancer out of the bunch.

Afterwards we went to a reception where they gave us free wine and champaign, fruit, some deserts, and we stood around. We expected all the dancers but we got only Giselle and the count. Giselle is a tiny thing who's english is not so good it seemed. And the count was surprisingly tall. And blonde. And actually quite cute... in a russian sort of way.

Then we went home. Hailed a cab to bring us to the car because it was either that or I walk down michigan ave barefoot. Those shoes are lethal. Men don't realise how good they have things.
The rest of the weekend is as follows...Collapse )
the rest of the week looks to be as follows: work work work, more work, packing, dinner with grandparents, work, dinner with mum, soothing Magnus, turning 26, flying to New York... should be interesting to say the least.

The update in which I babble senselessly...

Oct. 2nd, 2008 | 09:56 am
location: work
Attitude: frozen frozen
Ear Candy: susan - buckinghams

So In other news, I dyed my hair. It was supposed to be red with blonde streaks and dark underneath. It came out dark. As in like a dark dark brown almost black colour with blonde streaks and you can't tell there's a darker shade underneath. So that kinda sucks, but it doesn't look too bad so I'm disappointed with it but not heartbreakingly so.

This whole week has been strange. Monday I did fuck all. As in I woke up with a headache, wasn't in the mood to do anything so I ordered fuel then sat staring at my computer back ground and listened to an audiobook and twiddled my thumbs. I felt so useless.

Tuesday, was only vaguely more productive but not really. I did have a dentist appointment after work. It went better than expected and I got to talk Poland with the assistant. She was annoyed that the foreigner has been to more places in Poland than she has and I've been back there more often than she has. yay. Then Magnus was being uber cute and playful so that helped.

Wednesday I was actually productive. I got contracts done and sent out, I had coffee in the morning so that helped. I met with 2 vendors, I got to play around downstairs in the garage, I got most of my daily 'things to do' list done with. Then I was supposed to go on a date with Eddy. He called me then got another call and told me he'd call back before we made any plans. He never called back. It normally wouldn't phase me or bother me one bit except for the fact that mum was over and so I had to listen to all night her 'why hasn't he called you?' 'are you angry with him not calling you?' 'you should call him' 'why hasn't he called you?' all fuckin night. Just over and over grinding on the same damn subject. Now I'm angry with Eddy not for brushing me off but for subjecting me to my mum's annoyingness.

I woke up to Magnus laying on my back and purring so hard it made my body vibrate. I love that crazy cat. So far the day is not looking promising. I've got a full list of crap to do with no motivation to do it with. And I'm cold. What the hell is with the temperatures around here lately?

In more happy news I get to go to the ballet tonight!!!!!(!!!) The Russian ballet and it's opening night so we snagged tickets to the opening night after party with the dancers! awesome! We get to dress up and go downtown and it'll be awesome. I'm not entirely sure what the hell we're seeing anymore. Maybe Geisele but I'm not certain anymore. The whole concept of just being able to go downtown and to the ballet has overriden the small details. And tomorrow I've taken the day off. I think I'm going out shopping with mum and grandma. It should be nice.

The weekend promises to be pretty bland. But next weekend is the big New York trip. The trip can be summed up by a few words: Pie, NBC, food, and Frankensteins. Yep. Should be great fun.

And in other, more random news, I've read like 5 books, I've spent more time learning Sumerian (I don't know why), and Magnus has been uber uber cute lately... even if he does yell at me every time I'm late coming home.


Sep. 28th, 2008 | 09:02 pm
location: my floor
Ear Candy: tv commercials

I think I now have a boyfriend.

Yep. I'd been emailing this one guy, Eddy, for a few days and we had agreed to meet up on Thursday night after work. We went to dinner at 6.30. And after food, we kept talking and talking until long after we paid the check and then he walked me to my car and we stood by the car and talked for another hour and a half. He's great. He reminds me of a male version of my friend Annette actually. So the Friday came and I did the whole work thing and met mum for dinner and a movie and Eddy texted me and we agreed to meet up on Sunday for another date.

Saturday I went shopping with mum and grandma. It was very nice and very productive as well.

Today I woke up at 530 with my carbondioxide detector beeping that it was low on battery power. That wasn't fun. It's now sitting gutted on my dresser. A girl has to have her priorities. Woke up again later and eventually called Eddy. We met up in downtown Arlington Heights at 1. Went to lunch at the Irish place, then walked around for a bit, explored all of downtown, held hands, cuddled, laughed, teased each other, then got something to drink at starbucks before sitting for a while and waiting for our movie to start. We went to see Burn After Reading- it was an ok film. Plot was a little thin but the acting was spot on-. Afterwards we decided to end the date. I walked him to his car and then I walked home. Magnus was meowing at me like a little furry squeeky banchee. Made dinner, spoke with the parents, and then watched tv.

Soon, sleep, work tomorrow, mum and bob are coming over tomorrow night to fix my wireless, tuesday is a dentist appointment, thursday is the ballet which I'm uber excited about. So this is proving to be an exciting week. And to top it off I think I'm off the single market again... yay!

the weekend in summary...

Sep. 21st, 2008 | 07:44 pm
location: livingroom floor
Attitude: peaceful peaceful
Ear Candy: tv commercials

Friday was fun. It started out with Magnus on the counter as I came downstairs and I yelled at him "Avast ye scally-wag get down or ye shall walk the plank!" and he jumped down and stared at me like 'what the hell is wrong with you?' I got to work and said 'ahoy' to a co-worker. Another co-worker called me his 'wench' and I laughed and then told both of them about how pirates relate to global warming and why talk like a pirate day is a national holiday to the pastafarians who are in the church of fsm. They looked at me like I was weird and they never had heard of any of it. I enlightened them and they laughed at me. We were joined by another co-worker who we spoke in pirate with. Eventually the day went on as normal but with the occational pirate related email or pirate speak in the hallway. I showed off my knee-high pirate hello kitty socks more than once to many people. They were impressed. Had a nice lunch and a nice afternoon. Afterwards met up with mum and we went to dinner before going to a movie. Saw GhostTown which was good and had a few good funny parts. Lots of dental humour. Afterwards I went home and ended up staying up late and working on learning ancient sumerian.

Saturday slept in late, then mum came over, I got dressed, We went to grandmas and then went to lunch with her and went shopping at the mall where I got a cute black dress and really cute black high heels. Then dropped her off and I went home to relax and learn more ancient sumerian.

Today I didn't get to sleep until very very late so I slept until noon and woke, showered extra long, got dressed in a cute new green and funky print dress and grabbed zygmunt (the computer) and headed out downtown. Went to a new coffee place that had free wi-fi. got a coffee and sat and listened to music and wrote a bit. I might have a date this weekend. If I play my cards right I might actually have two dates. Afterwards mum met me, she went to my house, I stayed, walked back and found she had made dinner for us. Ate, relaxed then took magnus out for a walk around the block with mum before coming back home. Now she's gone and I'm updating and relaxing.

So dad called as well a little bit ago. Talked to him for a while. He asked if I'd heard anything back from the date I had last weekend (I haven't. His loss). Mum told me to tell him about the 'black' guy I have a date with this weekend. (he's not black he's puerto rican) and dad said (and I quote) "hunny, that doesn't bother me. It might bother mom but it doesn't bother me. That doesn't bother me. I think you're going after the wrong gender on that match thing but..." That's right, kitties, my dad still thinks I'm a lesbian. He thinks that this dating thing is only a ploy to fool myself and to appease my mother and therefore it's okay that I date any man of any ethnicity and race because he feels that it's okay because I'm not going to do anything with them it's only for show. *sigh* It wouldn't be so annoying if it were actually true. But then again if it were actually true then I wouldn't bother with dating guys in the first place. And I'd've come out long ago with telling him the truth... but seeing as how it's not true and how I've told him as much before it's now just annoying. *sigh* Well, he can think what he wants. I'm gonna continue with doing what makes me happy.

In other news it's very nice weather lately. And I've ben toying with the idea of eventually getting another cat. I've always wanted a callico kitty. And if it's a female kitty I'd like to name it Agnes so I can have Agnes and Magnus. :)